Whether it is a simple phone call or you want to share your documents and software on the web, we have flexible, reliable and easy-to-use options for you to connect with people, no matter where they are in the world.  Keep your team and clients up to date regularly by hosting daily, weekly or monthly status calls with easy to use tools. Whether you are a small Law firm or a Fortune 500, we make it easy to stay in touch, be more productive and reduce costs. 


MyDoComm can help you take control of your sales environment with audio and web conferencing services. Using only your phone and computer you can host weekly sales meetings to stay connected with your sales team and deliver informative training sessions and meet more frequently for accountability, share ideas and to review sales pipelines. Virtual meetings will reduce travel time and allow more time for selling and reducing travel costs. You will also be able reduce time spent with unqualified prospects, meet with your sale force more frequently or stay up on the latest products and procedures. MyDoComm audio and web conferencing services help you streamline your business communications.


As a marketing professional, you're constantly challenged to do more with less. You manage high-profile relationships, report on return on investment and drive the development of competitively superior products and services. Our conferencing services allow you to do all of this more efficiently and cost effective.

MyDoComm conferencing services help you manage your clients and vendors, provide enhanced product launches, present a professional image to media outlets and generate qualified leads cost effectively. You are able to quickly qualify prospects from a larger audience and generate leads through large webinars. Our conferencing services allow you to bring a product to market by hosting project meetings, training internal teams and holding focus groups to gather data. Our services help you stay on track to meet deadlines and stay on budget.


Training sessions are critical to getting new employees up to speed, encouraging product usage by customers and communicating new company policies.

MyDoComm offers audio and web conferencing services so you can have more frequent training sessions and reach a global audience at a lower cost and by using fewer resources. You can host online employee training sessions that are as interactive as on-site sessions, but at a fraction of the cost. Provide rollout training to vendors and customers more effectively at a global level. We provide more services and features to keep your audience engaged and make your training program successful. We can also provide recordings of the audio and web conferences for future training sessions or for people who missed the live event.


Delivering timely information to the investment community is more important than ever. With so much at stake, you don’t want to neglect the market.

MyDoComm provides the solutions that help you communicate effectively to your company’s financial stakeholders and supply them with the information they need, when they need it. Expand your reach with investors, analysts and employees around the world without increasing your budget.

MyDoComm can quickly and effectively manage announcements quickly and easily with our conferencing and webinar platforms. We can even audio cast the event via the end users computer speakers.  Through the low cost of an audio conference and/or webinar you are able to meet with your investors more frequently.



Welcome to MyDoComm, where communication is now made simple and cost effective!