Voice Communications Services

DoCon  - On-Demand Audio Conferencing Service

Host your conference call anytime without having to make a reservation.

Additional call management features are available such as  Recording, Muting and sub conferencing.


DoCon+  - Operator Assisted Voice Conferencing

Customized event solution that lets you streamline and manage your most demanding conferences.

Bring everyone together in a seamlessly planned, managed and executed event.

Your dedicated operator and greeters will manage your teleconferencing logistics from start to finish.

Q&A, Polling, Recording, Post call reports and much more . . .


Business Telephone Services - Phone - Auto Attendant _ Voice Mail

Your business phone system works over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines.

Powerful business class features; Auto-attendant, park, transfer, voicemail ....

Scalablew so that as your business grows, your phone system is able to grow with you!


DoSend - Message Casting Service

Deliver personalized, time-sensitive communication alerts on-the-fly from any phone or through online web interfaceusing a recording of your voice over the phone or upload a prerecorded audio file, and send it to a predefined list of recipients.

Web Communications Services


This web conferencing service is the right choice for 95% of your meetings.  It's easy to use and perfect for everyday meetings; no participation downloads; compatible with common business tools.  Always ready, no reservations required.



Larger Webinar Service.  up to 999 Participants.  Recording and audiocasting capabilities.  Simple moderator functionality.  Chat, WebCam, and Polling Options.  On Demand Collaborate.



Affordable live streaming using a simple webcam or full blown production equipment.  Stream yourself or your event to the masses.  simple set up, only takes a few minutes and your "live".


Do Stream Plus

Fully supported event stream solution with registration, custom brnaded viewer template, security, chat, and social connectors.


Future Service Offering


Future Service Offering

Video Communications Services


On Demand Video Bridging Services to be providied in near future.


Video Directory Services to be provided to users in near future.



Video Registration Services to be provided to users in near future.


Video Device Monitoring Services to be provided to users in near future.

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