• Marketing

From product launches to fashion shows, as a marketing professional, you can take advantage of live and on-demand streaming video to reach global audiences for less money. Custom interface branding and event service expertise mean corporate communications that truly hit the mark. Inform and entertain with simply a click.

  • Investor Relations

Your Tokyo-based CEO joins your London-based CFO, without either one ever leaving their desk. Participants from around the globe see first-hand how your company is leveraging technology to make the most of your budget, while interacting with polls, charts and detailed financial information like never before.

  • Training and Development

Present live, take questions and issue polls, give quizzes and surveys, provide detailed notes, even leave the archived class online for those who missed it—this is the new training paradigm for the global classroom. Your company can train your sales teams while colleges can educate students around the world, all using streaming to better engage your audiences’ needs, wherever they may be.

  • Town Hall Events

The president of your Fortune 500 company takes the stage at the Chicago headquarters to present before a room of local coworkers. Offices in São Paulo, Paris and Shanghai all take part by gathering in local conference areas to view the presentations on projection screens. Questions are streamed in from all corners of the globe without a single flight or unnecessary travel day out of office. Cost-effective, interactive and informative—an international solution for international professionals.

  • Human Resources

Your company is spread across several U.S. cities, with additional employees working remotely from around the country. Introducing new employee programs, insurance options and company policies via webcasting presentations saves significant time and money, while providing employees an easy resource for frequently asked questions.

Features & Specs

  • 100% Adobe Flash

Works on all operating systems (Mac, PC and Linux) and in all current browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera).

  • Live or On-demand Audio and Video

A richer virtual presentation experience allowing for an incomparable level of user engagement.

  • Customizable to Meet Your Needs

Make your event look like yours with customizable branding, interface configurations and a whole host of other options to make your event sing.


Custom Branding

  • – Customizable presentation interface above the media and slide window with a company logo or event branding.Header
  • Standby image/logo – For an audio-only webcast or end user with a slow Internet connection, a speaker photo or company logo is displayed in the Media Window ensuring content delivery to end users.
  • Post event survey/evaluation – Event branding can be applied to the top and bottom of the evaluation/survey/test for a unified end user event.
  • Registration site and associated emails – Primary and secondary branding capabilities for full registration and simple self-registration.
  • Thank you page – Customizable with company logo or event branding page participants are sent to following an event or evaluation completion.

Media Window

  • – Takes a feed from a web cam, on-site camera crew or studio video feed to display a single video in the media window.Streaming video
  • Streaming audio – For an audio-only event, or for end users with a slow Internet connection, a speaker photo, logo or other standby image is displayed.
  • Multi-video presentation – Presenters located at separate computers can take control of the video and audio being pushed to the viewers in order to deliver a presentation with multiple speakers in different physical locations.

Interactive Slide Display


  • – Ability to have multiple PowerPoint decks in a single event, sorted through a simple drop-down list.Multiple slide decks
  • All builds and animations – All PowerPoint animations and builds supported.
  • Video slides – Pre-recorded video slides can be displayed in the slide window.
  • Annotation tools – Annotation toolkit available for presenter roles with appropriate permissions for on-the-fly slide mark-up.
  • Full screen slides – Presenter-controlled full screen slide view to enlarge detailed slides and images.

Live and On-demand Polling


  • – Live polling questions and results are displayed in the slide window in real time as attendees submit their responses.Slide polling
  • Mini polls – Live polling questions are displayed in the module navigator to complement the presenter’s slide. Polling results are displayed in real time to the presenter only. Attendees do not see the results.
  • On-Demand polling – Slide or mini polls pushed automatically during an on-demand presentation to ensure user engagement with the content being delivered.
  • – Chat capabilities available for one-on-one sessions (between speaker - participant or tech support - participant) as well as group sessions.Chat
  • Q&A – Ask a text or audio question live to the presenter. For on-demand events, questions can be submitted and answered at a later time.

Optional User Modules

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  • – Available for Live, Simulated Live and On-demand presentations and allows all speakers to provide background information about themselves to attendees.Presenter bios
  • Slide notes – Allows speakers to provide participants with additional information for each slide.
  • Carbon cost savings calculator – Formulaic estimation calculating the carbon footprint savings based on number of attendees and their locations.
  • Presentation assets – Section of the module navigator that can include downloadable files and hyperlinks to additional resource information.
  • Text ticker – Running text at the bottom of the interface, pulling live updates and clickable links from any available RSS feed.

Integrated Registration

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  • – A simple registration system that pushes users directly into the event.Simple self registration
  • Custom registration – A full-featured registration form using short form questions, long form questions, multiple choice and multiple select questions, allowing users to register in advance of a live event.
  • Confirmation and reminder emails – Automatically generated emails confirming user registration, with optional reminders sent prior to the live event.
  • Reporting – Information collected through registration is automatically tied to all user reports, available immediately following the presentation.

Post-event Tests and Surveys

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  • – A customizable post-event certification or test users are automatically redirected to after a presentation.Graded tests
  • Surveys – Following a presentation, users are redirected to a custom branded, ungraded survey or evaluation. Participant responses are collected and included in program reports.

Presentation Archives

  • – An automatically created archive of the live program is available immediately following the event.Instant archive
  • One year of archived event hosting – An archive of the event is available at the original URL for viewing for up to a year after it has been completed.

On-demand Navigation


  • § - Allows the participant to click through the presentation and control the duration of viewing each slide.Slide navigation
  • §Presentation chapters – If requested, a presentation can be setup according to chapters, allowing participants to view the sections of their choice.
  • §Seek bar – Participant can navigate to a specific moment in the presentation using the seek and presentation timer below the media window.


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