Custom Entry

To quickly enter your conference, turn specified prompts off that are played after you enter your conference code or leader PIN.


Disconnect Grace Period

Provides a grace period allowing you to rejoin your conference in the event Auto Continuation is disabled and you have disconnected.


Dual Passcode

Eliminate the need to enter a leader PIN to start your conference. You will be provided with a 10-digit leader conference code to start your conference and your participants are provided with a participant conference code to join your conference.


Entry Announcement Limit

Reduce the number of entry tones played when your call has started. Quick Start must be disabled and more than five to ten participants are on music hold.


Entry/Exit Options

Decide how your participants are announced when they join or leave the conference call. Choose from the following options: tone, name announce, name and tone, or silence.


Force Disconnect

Clear your conference by disconnecting all participants from your call while you stay connected. This feature is useful when you have scheduled back-to-back meetings.


Group Mute/Unmute

Silence all participants’ lines by pressing a keypad command on your telephone. Group mute/unmute helps reduce background noise and limits interruptions during your conference.


Inter-Digit Timer

Set an inter-digit timer, from 0 to 30 seconds, to wait in between digits when entering a telephone keypad command (i.e., leader PIN). Currently, this is set to 8 seconds.


International Dialing

Expand your global reach with InterCall’s international conferencing solutions. We offer five methods to connect your international participants to your conference call, including links through our international call centers, toll and toll-free access numbers, a dial-out option, or a permanent dial-in number.


Leader Entry/Exit Announcement

Change your entry/exit announcement setting from your telephone keypad.


Leader Express Entry

Start your conference in one easy step by consecutively entering your conference code followed by * and your leader PIN followed by #.


Leader PIN Expiration

For security purposes, a leader PIN is required to start your Reservationless-Plus conference call. Your account can be provisioned to allow you to change your leader PIN via your telephone keypad. Your account can also be enabled with the expiration feature that forces you to change your leader PIN at regular intervals (selected by your organization in terms of days; minimum 30/maximum 365) at midnight from the date your leader PIN was created.


Leader Smart Entry

Store a phone number so when you dial in from that number to start your conference, our system will recognize the number and join you to your conference without inputting your conference code and leader PIN.


Leave and Join a Conference

Your participants have the ability to leave the conference they are attending and join a new conference without hanging up and redialing the same dial-in number.


Lecture Mode

Mute all participants during your conference to reduce background noise. Participants will not have the capability to unmute their lines, allowing you to deliver your message uninterrupted.



Lock your conference call to prevent additional participants from joining the call, with the exception of dialing out.


Mobile Apps

Control and access your meetings while on the road from your iPhone, Android phone or BlackBerry.


Multiple Leaders

Have multiple leaders on your conference call, allowing them to have access to all leader controls. When provisioned, the leader prompts will play for ALL callers. When a participant enters the leader PIN, they will be placed into the conference as a leader with full leader controls.


Online Management

Manage your call online at, by scheduling, starting, presenting and archiving your conference on the web.


Operator Assistance

At any time after your call has started, you can request an operator simply by pressing *0 to join your conference for assistance or 00 to speak to the operator privately.


Outlook Plug-In

Quickly and easily create, edit and schedule your meetings with pre-determined conferencing information right from your Outlook toolbar.


Participant List

A list of your participants will be provided in your conference summary report.


Phone Commands

Control your conference with a touch of a button on your telephone keypad. You have the ability to mute lines, lock the conference, request operator assistance and much more.


Primary/Secondary Language Option

Assign a secondary language to all prompts within your conference. Once activated, participants will receive an additional prompt to select a desired language. If no language is selected, your default language is used for that participant.


Private Participant Count

Privately announces the number of participants on the conference call at any participants’ request.


Project Accounting Codes (PAC)

Become more efficient when charging back for billable hours by using PAC Codes. They are ideal for attorneys, consultants and other professionals who track projects by cost center. You can establish a minimum/maximum number of digits required and provide up to twelve different prompts to play prior to entering the PAC value. We can capture your expense center, department or location, and the information will appear on your monthly invoice.


Quality Case Maker

From your telephone keypad, automatically create a trouble ticket online, assigning it to a quality agent for review and resolution, without any interruption of your on-going meeting. Please note prior approval is required.


Quick Start

Select Quick Start to immediately begin the conference call by allowing participants to enter the conference before you and start speaking before the call officially begins.


Record & Playback

Digitally record your Reservationless-Plus call for participants who were unable to attend or for participants who would like to listen to the conference call again. For easy, 24/7 availability, the recording can be accessed on the internet or by dialing a toll-free number. You may also purchase a CD, a downloadable link and/or a transcription of your recording.


Record Pause/Resume

Pause your recording in progress and then resume the recording when you are ready to continue. This is ideal for long conferences where a ten to fifteen minute break may occur and silence during the playback is not wanted.


Roll Call

Prompt participants to record their name as they join the conference call. Any time during the conference, names can be replayed privately to any conference participant.


Security Passcode

Provide an added level of security for your Reservationless-Plus conference by having greater control over who joins your conference. You can select and distribute the security passcode for every conference you host. You also have the ability to add a security passcode to an active conference by returning to the leader account menu.



Allow participants to silence their own lines by pressing a keypad command on their telephones. Self-mute/unmute reduces background noise from cell phones, speaker phones, etc.



Allow pre-selected guests to join a private discussion during your conference call. Sub-conferencing allows you to discuss side issues and other non-public information.


Third-Party Conference Start

As a participant, bypass the hold music and start the conference as the leader if your leader is running late or unable to host your call at the last minute.


Turn Music on Hold On/Off

While waiting for your meeting to begin, participants can use their telephone keypad to turn the music on hold off or on.


Waiting Room

Have your participants placed on music hold until you are ready for them to join the conference call. This feature is helpful when you have two back-to-back conferences scheduled with two different groups.


Additional Features

Custom/Branded Greetings*

Record a custom welcome message that is played to all your participants who join your conference using your dedicated toll-free or toll dial-in numbers.


Personal Greeting*

Record a personal message for your participants to hear when joining your conference or request a professionally recorded file.


Post-Conference Emails*

Keep an attendance roster of your participants with an email record of which participants were on the phone and/or web. Also, keep track of your total conferencing minutes to anticipate your call’s budget.


SMS Message Alerts*

Receive an actionable SMS message to your mobile phone when your participants are waiting for your conference to start.


*Additional costs associated with these features; please contact your Account Specialist for details and pricing.


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